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Source: Nielsen, TRAC Media, monthly averages, September 2016 – August 2017, P2+

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Trusted. Valued. Essential.

One of the country’s most-watched PBS® stations and a prolific producer of local content, Twin Cities PBS (TPT) empowers lifelong learners to explore the world and enrich their community ties.

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Americans rely on PBS for the most varied arts programs

Source: Survey Sampling International (SSI), January 2016

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PBS is the #1 educational
media brand in the country

Source: Marketing & Research Resources, Inc., January 2018

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PBS ranks #1 in Public Trust

Source: Marketing & Research Resources, Inc., January 2018

Build Relationships that Advance Marketing Goals

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TPT diverse audiences are more likely to be

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Prioritize education and lifelong learning

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Drive trends through word of mouth and influence corporate and social networks

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Passionate about the arts, they relish music, theatre and museums

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Participate in initiatives in their communities


Open Eyes, Ears and Minds

In this clutter-free environment, TPT viewers pay attention to sponsorship messages

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feel PBS sponsorship is more trustworthy than advertising on other networks

Source: PBS Sponsorship Study: Audience Attitudes and Behaviors, City Square Associates, 2015

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Sponsorship Elevates Your Brand

TPT fans recognize sponsors as champions for a meaningful cause

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agree that PBS sponsors provide a valuable public service

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believe PBS sponsors have a commitment to quality and excellence

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see PBS sponsors as industry leaders


Source: Commercialism Research, City Square Associates, January-February 2016

How Sponsorship Works

Your TPT representative will work with you to create a campaign to captivate your target

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We create unique messaging based on your needs

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Our highly engaged audience receives your messages in a clutter‑free environment

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Our viewers take action to support your brand

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